Paddy's Ranges State Park

Wattle Grove Motel and Villa Maryborough is in the ‘Middle of the Goldfields’ between Ballarat and Bendigo. There are many attractions and activities to see and do in Maryborough and the surrounding goldfields.

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Paddy+39s Ranges State Park

Paddy's Ranges State Park

Just south of Maryborough Paddy's Ranges State Park and Maryborough Regional Park are great places to see relics of the gold mining era. The evidence is all around with mullock heaps and remnants of a once thriving Eucalyptus Distillery. The spring flowers are wonderful and the Golden Wattle blossoming amid the Box-Ironbark forest is a visual delight in Springtime. There are over 230 species of wildflowers and about 30 Orchid varieties. The natural features of the park provide plenty of low-impact recreational opportunities for walking, bird watching or spotting wildflowers. The park has numerous walking tracks, a picnic area and camping facilities with toilets, a water tank and fireplaces for winter. Be sure to take note of any fire restrictions as current drought conditions make this a must. Fires must be confined to provided fireplaces. Fauna in the park includes wallabies, kangaroos and echidna. Nocturnal species like possum's and antechinus are present but not easily spotted. The park is also home to the rare Brush-tailed Phascogale (Tuan). Over 140 species of birds call Paddy's Ranges home including the rare Painted Honeyeater, Crested Bellbirds, Wedge Tailed Eagles and Peregrine Falcons. Fossicking is still allowed in certain areas which are clearly marked on the park maps a Miners Right is essential.

All domestic animals and firearms are strictly prohibited. Maps are available at Maryborough Visitor Information Centre.

Last Updated: Tuesday 2nd April, 2019
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